Heart-Shaped Box duet with Corvyx

Posted by admin on Blog | June 10th, 2015 | 2 comments

It’s been a very long time since I posted a video on the ol’ youtube channel, but that has all changed today. Please check out this live, one-take recording of my duet with alternative/edm artist CORVYX of my favorite Nirvana song of all time, Heart-Shaped Box.

Shot and edited by Gabriella Loutfi for Bittersweet Pictures, LLC.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joey Martino at ET Studio Productions.

2 responses to “Heart-Shaped Box duet with Corvyx”

  1. John Germann says:

    Again, You are amazing. Thanks for the new you tube video. John

  2. John Germann says:

    Jes; I don’t know how to contact you so thought I would try this venue.

    I am messing around with a song that I think you would do great with. Please add the music as it is lyrics only and rearrange etc as you wish as it is only a rough draft etc.

    “The World needs a Little Love”

    Rush, Rush, a little girl is crying.
    Rush, Rush a little girl lay dying.
    Rush to feet, help this little girl in need.

    Lend a hand to the hungry man
    Lend a hand, he can barely stand
    Lend a hand,so he may live to try another day.

    ( chorus)

    The world needs a little sun
    um um, um um um um um
    oh oh, oh oh oh,oh oh
    The world needs a little love
    Oh Oh a white hat soldier to ride

    Can’t you see, the forest it has fallen?
    Can’t you see,the rivers are with poison?
    Can’t you see, what that means for you and me?

    Lift your head, are these the skies of tomorrow?
    Lift your head, swollen eyes of sorrow
    Lift your head, is this your gift for those who follow?

    (repeat Chorus)
    (last line changes to )
    Oh oh a white oak soldier to ride.

    Hear the pain of the leopard calling
    Hear the pain of the rhino wailing
    Hear the pain of all those we are losing…now

    ( instrumental bridge?)

    Will the eagle still fly?

    ( repeat chorus)
    (last line changed to)
    Oh Oh a white horse soldier to ride.

    Well have fun with it and I know you can make something great out of it. You are a special one in a lifetime talent.

    Please do not post this for others to see as it for your eyes only. Thanks

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