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Is generic accutane the same. I had to ask this question all the other parents and answer is no. i would also like to clarify that i have not used any other generic of this product but the generic accutane they put in the bottle it is only one. my parents do not know about this but they do know the same thing about generic accutane that i told them about. have read on other websites that this is an ophthalmologist only. I do however know that this buy generic accutane product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers because of it side effects for the mother (tinted contact lenses, dry eye, etc.) accutane generic version and the child (choking). My parents use this accutane in the beginning of my pregnancy and it is the ONLY thing to help them and their baby. they do not like it at all in our family this point. They know it is not an ophthalmologist only Buy accutane online canada pharmacy like most of us but they are willing to learn more about it and will be talking with their doctor about it, when they can get more accurate information online. they do not want to use an acuetane like this because they have always been told this is the safer choice and that it is better for you to use other methods of birth control with these products. I would also like to add that even though they have told me it must be safe, i would still like them to tell me if there is anyone out that has been successful using this medicine and what they are having to go through or any other advice they can give me. I also have a few questions to ask. I asked them this about the first bottle i took. When was giving birth, i told it would take generic accutane tablets at least 4 weeks of taking this before i would notice any changes. what does this mean? i feel they should tell me right away if there is any major problems that i will need to call the doctor about in order to help avoid problems. If I ever needed to go a doctor, i would like to be informed of what expect. I would also like to know how this drug works with my body and if it makes me more or less likely to breastfeed. It would also be so nice to know if it can cause birth control pills to be a mess in my system after use. other question to you is, what are the side effects? They give you brochures for every package of accutane and all these side effects that i have read on your website only are about this medicine. I feel like they should at least tell me what the chances or of any these side effects actually happening are. And i would like to read about any side effects that is really serious. i know that this is going to be a hard pill swallow. The only reason i decided to not tell this my parents is because of the chance that i may not be able to go back being pregnant or have my baby.

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